St. Paul Lutheran Church
Friday, January 27, 2023
Where All Are Welcome!

Making Christ Known
Members of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church of Orion promise:
          1. To keep Jesus Christ at the center of our life, faith, and work.
          2. To see that the Word of God is preached and that the sacraments of Holy Baptism
                and Holy Communion are faithfully and properly administered.
          3. To provide opportunities for Christian learning, in order to deepen the faith
               and strengthen the commitment of our members.
          4. To encourage cooperation among all Christians, among the churches of our community,
               and within the world faith community.
          5. To be a church for all ages, provide ample care for the house-bound and shut-in,
               affirm children as fully participating members of the learning
               and worshiping community of faith.
          6. To be a community of caring and doing, where the love of God is seen and felt
                and where all are made to feel welcome.
          7. To welcome and support all activities that extend God's will for justice, peace,
                    and love among all people.